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    By ArabicTree | October 21, 2008

    As we learned earlier, mudaari’ verbs are marfoo’. The sign of marfoo’ is damma (on the last letter of most conjugations), or noon (with the plural forms, as well as the duals and anti).

    How can these verbs change their case? Enter laam-ut-ta’leel, the Laam of Explaining. When you apply laam-ut-ta’leel, it changes the verb to mansoob.

    For example, if you’re asked the question:

    ينَ خَرَجتَ يا أخِي؟

    Say you went to get a drink of water. How do you express this? You can reply with:

    خَرَجتُ لِأشرَبَ المَاءَ

    You replied with: I went to drink water. That laam that’s applied to the verb ashrabu is laam-ut-ta’leel–it changes the verb from ashrabu to ashraba.

    And this is not the same as the harf-ul-jarr “li”–not at all. That’s a harf (particle) that causes a NOUN to become MAJROOR; laam-ut-ta’leel causes a VERB to become MANSOOB. Big difference. Don’t get confused!

    Or say you went to recite some Qur’an. You can say:

    خَرَجتُ لِأقرَأ القَرانَ

    Which you can translate as “I went to recite Qur’an.”

    Some of you might notice the translation is a bit imprecise; in fact, it’s almost like saying (for the first example):

    خَرَجتُ لِأشَربِ المَاءِ

    Which is the masdar–“I went for the drinking of water.” Well, you can actually say that. Why? The grammarians say that laam-ut-ta’leel actually has a hidden particle “an” (أن), and THIS is what’s causing the verb to be mansoob–the same particle that’s used with raada/yureedu (and other verbs)!

    What’s more, they say it’s wajib to keep this particle hidden (grammatically speaking)! Subhanallah!

    And that is laam-ut-ta’leel–the laam of explaining. It makes mudaari’ verbs mansoob (because of the hidden particle “in”), and can be replaced with the masdar.

    Wallahu ‘alim.

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    3 Responses to “Laam-ut-Ta’leel”

    1. AK Says:
      August 4th, 2009 at 4:56 pm

      Do you mean to say
      خَرَجْتُ لِشُرْبِ الماءِ

    2. ArabicTree Says:
      August 27th, 2009 at 12:34 pm

      @AK quite possibly; I don’t remember the masdar of shariba/yashrubu anymore :/

    3. Chenglong Says:
      September 3rd, 2009 at 9:50 am

      Yes @AK is right, the Masdar of شَرِبَ is شُرْب